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Asphalt recycling is a very topical issue and probably the only solution to avoid the continuous expectations of our resources. The re-use of recycled asphalt is a high priority for the economy when it comes to conserving natural resources. Alltech Group offers “hot and cold ” feed system provisions for reclaimed asphalt addition. RAP is a system that introduces reclaimed asphalt into the hot mix asphalt mix. With increased costs of energy and the reduced availability and cost associated with extracting and processing virgin materials, the addition of recycled asphalt pavement(RAP) into the hot asphalt mix is becoming an increasingly important factor in surfacing materials and consideration by us for asphalt specifiers and producers alike.

RAH ( Reclaimed Asphalt-Hot) Addition

With the ALLTECH hot recycling feed system, up to 25% of Reclaimed asphalt material can be used from preparing hot mix via dryer RAP ring.

RAC ( Reclaimed Asphalt-Hot) Addition

ALLTECH Cold recycling feed system, up to 30% of Reclaimed asphalt cold material can be used for preparing hot mix via direct mixer dosing.

RAP ring dosing system:

  • up to 25% recycled material feeding possible.
  • Solution for stationary plants.
  • Easy to retrofit to existing asphalt plants from any manufacturer.
  • Gentle heating of recycled material in to dryer drum Can be combined with cold RAP system for more usage of recycled material as well as during plant operation.

Mixer feed dosing system:

  • up to 30% recycled material feeding
  • RAC material is fed directly into the mixer via RAP elevator.
  • RAP elevator is a space-saving and maintenance-free, alternative to the included conveyor.
  • Easy to retrofit to existing asphalt plants from any manufacturer.
  • RAP and aggregates dosed separately into pug mill.




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