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Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Global Model (200-240 TPH)

Alltech group helps to cater the right plant to suit market requirements: Whether it’s low scale usage or medium scale usage, with capacities ranging from 80-320 TPH – but one thing remains consistent throughout: ALLTECH Group has the most cutting-edge solutions for economical, flexible and environmentally friendly asphalt production.



Plant Cap. @3% Moisture content TPH 200 240 120
Batch Size @Cycle time 45 Sec. Kg. 2500 3000 1500
Charging Conveyor Capacity TPH 220 260 140
Dryer Drum Drive type     4 W Friction Drive
Modulating Burner Type/Fuel   Modulating Multi Fuel/ (Diesel /LDO /Furnace Oil)
Pollution Control Bag-House Primary Reverse Air Flow Cascade Type Pre-Separator
Secondary Bag-House Filter
Control Panel Type Fully Computerised with Manual Over Ride

Unlocking Efficiency and Quality in Asphalt Production with a Global Series 200 – 240 TPH Asphalt Plants

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of asphalt production, with a focus on the state-of-the-art Global Series 200 – 240 Asphalt Plant. Discover how this cutting-edge asphalt factory can revolutionize your paving projects.

UNIBLACK2500 & UNIBLACK3000 – In One of the most prestigious projects of India: DELHI-MUMBAI EXPRESSWAY.


Welcome to the future of asphalt production! In this guide, we will explore the revolutionary Global Series 200 – 240 Asphalt Plant, a state-of-the-art asphalt factory designed to deliver unmatched performance, quality, and cost. Whether you are a seasoned asphalt professional or new to the industry, this guide will help you understand how this cutting-edge technology can transform your paving projects.

Welcome to the Future of Asphalt Production

The asphalt industry is constantly evolving, and staying at the forefront of technological advancements is essential to meet the demands of modern construction projects. The Global Series 200 to 240 Asphalt Plants worldwide are a testament to the innovation in asphalt production.

The Global Series 200 – 240 Asphalt Plant: An Overview

First of all, let’s get to know the global 200 – 240 Asphalt Plant and its main features that make it stand out in the industry.

A Glimpse into Efficiency and Productivity

It is designed according to the asphalt production capacity of 200 – 240 asphalt plants worldwide and is suitable for large projects (upto 5000 Mt of Asphalt Production in 24 Hours). Its performance and productivity have made it revolutionary for the asphalt industry.

Why Choose the Global 200 – 240 Asphalt Plant?

Discover the compelling reasons why the Global Series 200 – 240 Asphalt Plant is the top choice for asphalt producers worldwide. From its advanced components to its environmental benefits, this asphalt factory offers a range of advantages.

Key Components of the Global 200 – 240 Asphalt Plant

To truly understand the Global Series 200 – 240 Asphalt Plant, we need to delve into its key components and their crucial roles in the asphalt production process.

1. Cold Feed System

The Starting Point of Production

2. Drying and Heating System

Preparing Raw Materials

3. Mixing System

Creating the Perfect Blend

4. Baghouse Dust Collector

Maintaining Environmental Standards

5. Storage Silos

Storing the Finished Product

6. Control System

The Brain Behind Operation

Maximizing Asphalt Production Efficiency

Learn how to maximize the efficiency of your asphalt production using the Global Series 200 – 240 TPH Asphalt Plant.

Customization Options for Your Asphalt Factory

Tailor the Global Series 200 – 240 TPH Asphalt Plant to your specific needs by exploring customization options. This flexibility ensures that the asphalt factory aligns perfectly with your project requirements.

Environmental Considerations and Emissions Control

Examine the environmental consequences asphalt plants around the world and their compliance with emission standards. Learn how asphalt plants reduce their environmental impact.

Quality Control and Consistency

Consistency and quality are paramount in asphalt production. Explore the measures in place to ensure top-notch asphalt mixes.

Ensuring Top-Notch Asphalt Mixes

Learn about the quality control protocols implemented in the Asphalt Plant to guarantee the excellence of the asphalt mixes it produces.

Quality Assurance Protocols

The quality control procedures used by asphalt facilities to maintain quality assurance procedures are consistent and meet industry standards.

Global 200 – 240 Asphalt Plant: ROI and Cost Savings

Investing in the Global 200 – 240 Asphalt Plant is not only about superior quality but also about long-term cost savings.

Evaluating the Long-Term Benefits

Analyze the return on investment (ROI) and long-term financial advantages of choosing this advanced asphalt factory for your projects.

Comparing Costs with Traditional Asphalt Production

To fully understand the economics of asphalt production, compare the costs associated with 200 – 240 asphalt plants around the world to conventional asphalt plants.

Installation and Maintenance

Explore the ease of installation and essential maintenance practices to ensure the consistent performance of your asphalt factory.

Seamless Integration into Your Operations

Learn how the Global 200 – 240 Asphalt Plant seamlessly integrates into your existing operations, minimizing disruptions and maximizing productivity.

Maintenance Tips for Sustained Performance

Discover maintenance tips and best practices to ensure the continued performance and longevity of your asphalt factory.

Customer Success Stories

Real-world success stories from asphalt professionals who have experienced the benefits of the Global 200 – 240 Asphalt Plant.

Real-World Experiences with the Global 200 – 240 Asphalt Plant

Gain insights from professionals who have firsthand experience with this advanced asphalt factory. Their stories highlight the real-world advantages of choosing this technology.

Making the Right Decision

After absorbing all the information, it’s time to make an informed decision regarding your asphalt production needs.

Choosing the Perfect Asphalt Factory for Your Needs

Consider your project requirements, budget, and long-term goals when deciding if the Global 200 – 240 Asphalt Plant is the ideal choice for your asphalt production.


Asphalt production is evolving, and the Global 200 – 240 Asphalt Plant is at the forefront of this transformation. With its efficiency, environmental benefits, and quality assurance, this asphalt factory is poised to revolutionize the industry. Your journey toward superior asphalt production starts here.

Frequently Asked Questions

200 – 240 Asphalt plants worldwide stand out from the traditional system due to their advanced technology and better performance. It has higher production capacity, better control of bitumen quality and lower emissions. Unlike traditional facilities, asphalt plants operate continuously, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime.

Global 200 – 240 asphalt products have many options. You can customize it to your needs by adjusting things like production, brand composition, and environmental considerations. This flexibility makes the asphalt plant well-suited to your unique paving needs.

The Global 200 – 240 Asphalt Plant is designed with environmental responsibility in mind. It incorporates advanced emissions control technologies and complies with stringent emissions standards. By efficiently managing combustion and incorporating a baghouse dust collector, it minimizes emissions and helps maintain a cleaner environment.

Yes, the Global 200 – 240 asphalt plant is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing projects. Its modular design and compatibility with a variety of installation configurations ensure minimal disruption during installation. This allows you to increase your asphalt production capacity without interruption.

The long-term cost savings of the Global 200 – 240 Asphalt Plant are substantial. Its high production efficiency and reduced maintenance requirements result in lower operating costs. Additionally, its ability to produce consistently high-quality asphalt reduces material wastage and the need for rework, further contributing to cost savings.

The Global 200 – 240 Asphalt Plant employs rigorous quality control measures. It utilizes advanced technology to precisely control ingredient proportioning, temperature, and mix consistency. Quality assurance protocols are followed to maintain uniformity and meet industry standards, ensuring that every batch of asphalt is of the highest quality.

Yes, there are numerous success stories from asphalt professionals who have experienced the benefits of the Global 200 – 240 Asphalt Plant. These testimonials highlight improved production efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced asphalt quality. Hearing from peers who have successfully implemented this technology can provide valuable insights into its real-world advantages.

200 – 240 asphalt plants in the world provide the best return on investment (ROI) and are very profitable. Although the initial investment is higher than with the traditional method, the long-term savings, increased access, and improved bitumen quality outweigh the increased cost. It is a smart investment for asphalt producers looking to improve their operations.

To maintain the continued performance and longevity of the Global 200 – 240 Asphalt Plant, regular maintenance is essential. Key maintenance practices include cleaning, lubricating moving parts, inspecting and replacing worn components, and ensuring that the control system is calibrated and functioning correctly. Routine checks and preventive maintenance can prevent costly breakdowns and ensure smooth operation.

Factors to consider when evaluating global 200 – 240 asphalt production facilities for your asphalt production needs include your needs, budget, long-term goals and experience. Consider the environment too. Consider your project size, customization needs, and expected cost savings. Also evaluate how your asphalt plant fits into your sustainability goals and reduces emissions. An informed decision requires careful analysis of these factors.



Our history is basically in the rood maintenance field and we were using the road maintenance equipment of international companies and importing it since there were no Indian manufacturers for micro surfacing later we ,got to know that Alltech has micro surfacing paver manufacturing we showed interest and bought one machine from them even thought that was 1st machine the quality was amazing and support is commandable .therefore we also procured 2nd micro surfacing paver from them also and have completed some major prestigious project.
Black top Infra, Mumbai

Black top Infra, Mumbai

CEO, Black top Infra, Mumbai

We come to India looking for a good quality bitumen drum decanter which can give us the desired heating efficiency and we got to know about Alltech group. we were so impressed with the product the team and the setup they have and we undoubtedly made a connection lifelong for bitumen decanting solution.
NDE, Bangladesh

NDE, Bangladesh

CEO, NDE, Bangladesh

Later in 2019 after facing issues in international brands of asphalt plant we tried Alltech Asphalt plant and the sheer quality plant and optimum service support they have provided is commendable .so later for link road Delhi-Mumbai, Expressway, we went with 240 TPH Asphalt plant of Alltech.
DRA IPL, Ahmedabad

DRA IPL, Ahmedabad

CEO, DRA IPL, Ahmedabad

Alltech group has made a brand value of selling rugged asphalt plants with premium service support, a dire had of any road construction company and we had produced more then 2,00,000 MT hot mix and we don’t feel any problem in that in future also, we will be opting for Alltech group.
DLC Infra, Kutch

DLC Infra, Kutch

CEO, DLC Infra, Kutch

We are in bitumen business from a very long time and when we started importing bitumen in bags. we were looking for a company with best quality Bitumen Bag Melteronline and found Alltech group as the bitumen melting leader.
CCF Lte, Indonesia

CCF Lte, Indonesia

CEO, CCF Lte, Indonesia

When we decided to setup our refinery in Sharjah and other countries, we undoubtedly went with Alltech group since they are world leaders in bitumen melting and storage solution, we have 25+ equipment of Alltech group and we are extremely satisfied.
Global Aria, UAE

Global Aria, UAE

CEO, Global Aria, UAE

We bought Alltech CFD 120 at first we were hesitant but the service support they have provided even in out skirts of Coimbatore .and the new technology plant with almost 35% less fuel new usage as compared to conventional drum mix plant.
Thangam Infra, Coimbatore

Thangam Infra, Coimbatore

CEO, Thangam Infra, Coimbatore

When we have looking for a drum mix plant for our project Alltech group has enlightened us about counter flow drum mix plant which is new technology for india and he adopted and getting good response from plant.
Puja construction, Assam

Puja construction, Assam

CEO, Puja construction, Assam



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